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Recap of World of Coffee 2024: Innovating Sustainability Through Regenerative Agriculture and the Circular Economy

Green coffee connect

As the co-founder of Connecting Grounds, I had the privilege of participating in the World of Coffee 2024 in Copenhagen, an event that brought together the brightest minds and most passionate advocates in the coffee industry. The panel discussion titled "Innovating Sustainability: Regenerative Agriculture and Circular Economy in the Coffee Industry," held from 10:45 to 12:00, was a highlight of the event. This session, a collaboration between the Center of Circular Economy of Coffee (C4CEC) and the International Trade Center (ITC), was a deep dive into the sustainable practices revolutionizing our industry.

Setting the Stage of Green Coffee Connect

Giulia Macola, Project Manager at the ITC’s Alliances for Action Programme, opened the session with insightful remarks about the importance of sustainability in coffee production.

The panelists of Green Coffee Connect

  1. Kasper Hulsen (SLOW): Kasper shared how SLOW is integrating regenerative practices to enhance soil fertility and reduce carbon emissions. His insights into soil health management and biodiversity were particularly enlightening, showcasing practical steps that can be adopted by other coffee producers.

  2. Dario Toso (Lavazza, C4CEC): Dario discussed Lavazza's commitment to the circular economy, with the launching of the new Center for Circular Economy in Coffee. The Center for Circular Economy in Coffee (C4CEC) is a new pioneering pre-competitive platform focused on improving the circular economy in the coffee industry. Situated in Turin, Italy, and backed by global partners, its objective is to promote circular economy principles, test new ideas, drive research, and share exemplary practices, solutions, case studies, and practical insights throughout the coffee supply chain—from production to consumption and waste management.

  3. Lasse Grosen (Damn Good Coffee Company): Lasse's talk focused on the integration of circular economy principles within their operations. He shared the challenges and successes Damn Good Coffee faced in repurposing waste materials and creating sustainable business practices, offering a real-world example of innovation in action with their Circular Collection (which you have to check out here).

  4. My Perspective (Giulia Francesca Marchetti, Connecting Grounds): I shared our journey at Connecting Grounds, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and education in driving sustainable practices, by sharing how we use circular economic practices in our business model.

panelists for green coffee connect world of coffee 2024

Key Discussions

Challenges and Solutions: Addressing the hurdles in adopting these practices was a crucial part of the discussion. Financial constraints, market acceptance, and regulatory hurdles were highlighted. Each speaker shared their strategies for overcoming these challenges, providing a roadmap for others to be inspired by.

Consumer Engagement and Education: Engaging consumers in the sustainability journey is crucial. We discussed ways to effectively communicate the benefits of sustainable practices to consumers, encouraging them to support brands that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

Future Trends and Opportunities: The session concluded with a forward-looking discussion on emerging trends and opportunities in sustainability. We explored potential areas for innovation and growth, emphasizing the need for continued collaboration and innovation to tackle environmental and social challenges.

audience world of coffee 2024

Reflections and Conclusion

Moderated by Emi-Beth Aku Quantson, CEO & Founder of Kawa Moka, the panel was an engaging and insightful session. Emi-Beth’s skillful moderation ensured a dynamic exchange of ideas, making the discussion both informative and inspiring.

Participating in this panel reinforced my belief in the transformative power of circular economy. The insights shared by my fellow panelists highlighted the innovative spirit driving our industry towards a more sustainable future.

Final Thoughts

The World of Coffee 2024 was a testament to the coffee industry's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Our panel on regenerative agriculture and the circular economy showcased the tangible steps being taken by leading companies to reshape our relationship with coffee. I left the event with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, inspired by the collective efforts of industry leaders to create a sustainable future for coffee.

For more information on the session and future events, visit World of Coffee. Let's continue to support and drive sustainable practices in the coffee industry, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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