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The road to the finals of Sol over Gudjhem

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Exciting news: We were recently named finalists for the Sol over Gudjhem Product Prize 2023. Here is our journey to the finals.

What is Sol over Gudjhem?

Sol over Gudjhem is a yearly Danish competition where different companies in the food industry showcase their best products for a chance to win the Product Prize of the year. The goal of the competition is to highlight new trends and developments happening within the food industry. There are different categories in the competition: drinks, confectionary (sweets), food and innovation. There is a panel of judges who choose the finalists of the competition. These include chefs like Hanna Schaldemose, Francis Cardenau, Mikkel Maarbjerg, Mads Battefeld, Simon Olesen and Thomas Rode.

This year (2023) there were 90 contestants all over the country of which only 12 made it to the finals. We are grateful to be named one of them in the innovation category. How you get into the competition There are specific requirements to get to the competition. Here are few: 1) Only processed products can be nominated. 2) The manufacturer/company must be set up in Denmark. 3) The product must have a local history.

The product that brought us to the finals Although we are an ingredient company, we continuously experiment and create recipes to show companies and consumers how spent coffee grounds can be used in end-products. The recipe that brought us to the finals are our cacao bites. For the bites, we used:

  • Almonds,

  • Peanuts,


  • Cocoa powder,

  • Dates.

The nutritional content of our Cacao Bites

*A single shot of espresso contains 63,6 mg of caffeine

The nutritional content of COFFEE BASE

This means that by using COFFEE BASE, the following nutritional claims can be used:

  • High in dietary fiber,

  • Source of protein,

  • Sugar free.

How you can help We are super grateful for the nomination and congratulate the other contestants on their hard work. But there is still one more prize up for grabs and for that we need your support! On June 24th at the harbour in Gudhjem, you can vote for the Audience Award, so come by, say hello, taste amazing products and support us and the other contestants! We hope to see you there 😃 Follow our Instagram page for updates on on the competition: @connectinggrounds

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