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Up-cycled foods are the future!

Repurposing food waste will not only be a trend, but the default choice for consumers.


The impact of coffee

In 2021, 4.5 billion cups of coffee were consumed in Denmark

Most of the used coffee grounds are then treated as waste

Every ton of coffee waste releases 5.6 tonnes of CO2e in the atmosphere

99% of the nutrients are still left in the grounds

But we throw it away

The Full Story

About us

After learning how much valuable waste is generated within the food industry, Connecting Grounds was founded with the vision of developing new food products. One of the co-founder recognised the possibility of up-cycling a healthy raw material that would otherwise be thrown away: used coffee grounds. And that's how everything began.

Why food products?

The most justifiable way to up-cycle spent coffee grounds is to reintroduce them into the food cycle, again. Now more than ever, food products should be produced without requiring additional arable land for a more sustainable world!



Our mission is to introduce coffee by-products into the food stream, again.


Coffee is not the only waste that we want to up-cycle. Our vision is to change the narrative of hidden food waste in the food industry by up-cycling other wastes into food products.


The Team.

Meet who is behind Connecting Grounds!

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Giulia Marchetti



Klaudia Laczi


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Dines Obel


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