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Coffee Base

The only base you need for your products.

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Reveal its nutritional content

High in dietary fibre

Source of protein


Contains caffeine


Reintroducing this pre-beloved beverage to customers in new flavours and forms through up-cycling.

Coffee Base is a multifunctional ingredient.

This means that it can be used in many different ways:


  • As an ingredient to confectionary & snack products,

  • As an up-cycled substitution of coffee aromas,

  • As an up-cycled substitution of artificial colourants,

  • As an additive of dietary fibre, protein, and caffeine,

  • As a substitute to all-purpose flours for gluten-free products.


Improve the nutritional profile of your end-products and increase your consumer's demand for up-cycled foods

How is Coffee Base produced?


Spent coffee grounds are collected from our trusted partners.
After the collection, the grounds are treated and transformed into Coffee Base.
Once Coffee Base is produced, we send it back to our suppliers and partners.

Still skeptical?

Then let us show you:

Partnership Benefits

Gain access to our recipes;
Development of new products together;
Added value to your branding and storytelling by using up-cycled ingredients that make the environment happy, and consumers too!

Interested in trying it out? Send us a request.

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