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Coffee Base: Up-cycled ingredient from spent coffee grounds

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and waste reduction, innovative solutions are emerging to tackle one of our favourite daily rituals: #coffee. While we savor that cup of joy, we rarely think about the coffee grounds left behind. But, what if we told you that those spent coffee grounds could be up-cycled into a fantastic ingredient for your baked goods, snacks and confectionary products?

Barrista making coffee that generates coffee waste
Coffee Barista

The Rise of Coffee Ground Upcycling

The coffee industry generates vast amounts of spent coffee grounds each day, leading to significant waste. In addition, a lot of coffee is consumed worldwide, especially in Denmark, which contributes to even more waste. However, the concept of upcycling these grounds into valuable resources is rapidly gaining #traction.

Coffee Base

This is where we come in. We #upcycle spent coffee grounds (a.k.a. coffee waste) into a #multifunctional #ingredient: Coffee Base.

Image of upcycled ingredient from spent coffee grounds Coffee Base
Coffee Base

Why Coffee Base? We have been brainstorming non-stop to come up with a name that made sense, as the ingredient is relatively new to the market. Although Coffee Base can resemble flour, due to its consistency, this one is not a flour, as it is not a grain.

We like to call it "Base" because of its multi functionality. But, what does multi functionality mean? Multifunctional food ingredients are, by definition, ingredients used to replace gluten, fats and other expensive ingredients, while ensuring food safety, enhance shelf life and increase product yield, among other properties. According to fmi - Future Market Insights - consumers are demanding clean label products and are diving more and more into multifunctional natural food ingredients. Naturally, multifunctional ingredients vary depending on applications and type of ingredients (ex. emulsions, fibers etc.). So what about Coffee Base?

The Properties

Coffee Base is high in dietary fiber, a source of protein, naturally gluten-free and sugar-free. It contains no carbohydrates and can be used as a green substitute of synthetic #caffeine.

This is because, when we brew our cup of coffee, we only take advantage of 1% of coffee's health potential, while the other 99% remains in the grounds that are then thrown away.

How Do We Process Coffee Base?

Because of its great properties, our goal is to minimise the processing of the grounds. Therefore, our production consists of only two steps: drying and milling. That is why our ingredient contains #caffeine.

How can Coffee Base be Used?

As a new ingredient, there are many unexplored possibilities. We have tested Coffee Base as a dry ingredient and the more we experiment with it, the more we find out new possibilities with its usage.

Coffee Base can be used on any baked, snack and confectionary products to add fiber, protein and enhance flavours, or can be used as a substitute of gluten, artificial colourants which are expensive and, again, so much more.

If you have an idea for its potential application, feel free to reach out for a sample of Coffee Base where we can help you develop your ideal product that your customers will love.


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